Monday, November 20, 2006

I didnt do didnt do didnt do.

So I have been listening to this fantabulous song by boy kill boy. (How awesome is that name for a band?) Its called 'Shoot me down' and is definately my fave song of the moment, Im listening to it as I write this. *nods head to its delicious melodic twinkling*
Here for your listening and viewing pleasure is the video. Huzzah for youtube!

I love the song... but please, did anyone else laugh uncontrollably at the falling down the stairs? Poor guy... not once but three times. *laugh*

So anyway, on the SL front. I have released my hoodies - YAY! Four hoodies for guys and two for the gurlies. Hoodies definately seems the flavour of the month, I guess it must have to do with the winter season. *smiles*. I did promise glorious hoodies however all the way back in my first post. What a long wait its been 0_o. They seem to be doing well, Im glad that people seem to be enjoying them...I really wanted the design of the hoodies to be unique to GearShift. I wear hoodies alot IRL and could really picture myself donning these offerings to go hang with friends. I'll be sure to get out more variations when time permits, my time will be a little limited this week due to some RL engagements - but never fear... I shall return. :)

Oh man, while working on this post. It looks like my webserver seems to be going screwy. I'll have to have a word with my friend who owns the server tomorrow, some images I uploaded earlier arnt coming through. 0_0 Yippie, another thing for me to do. T^T

Well, yesterday morning I managed to finish a sign for my store at The Block. Im quite proud of it actually. I feel all established now, having this hefty piece of metal above my door way. I lugged it to all 4 of my store locations and put them up, including my 'Unlimited' spot. I set that store up in a hurry, it looks a lil crappy at the moment. I'll be sure to grunge it up properly when I next get a chance.

Awww. And Canimal gave me free goodies for singing on her blog. THE AWESOME! Yay for freebies, I should go busk for some more. *laugh*

Anyway, Thats all for now pretty kitties!

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